The bridges that join us with others are the same ones that lead us to our destiny.


Do you have experiences and feelings that are difficult to describe or share with others?


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Conscious activities in nature to help us transform our lives

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Do you feel that in the physical environment in which you spend time there is something you dislike or that does not allow you to feel well? 

We are Mary and Luis and we are devoted to our work

When in your life everything seems to become senseless, it is time to stop and change course. That is what we did more than fifteen years ago when we realized that life, through our hearts, was asking us to undertake a great change. A leap into the unknown emptiness.

Oh, my friend! After such a leap there always seems to be a great fall, a great crisis….a long nightmare.  Nevertheless, when you overcome this many years later, you realize it was not a crisis but rather a call from your heart. You weren’t actually falling into nothingness and emptiness but flying, and not everything was a nightmare because in truth you were beginning to wake up. That is the moment when you fully prevail over your experiences and you feel you have advanced along your way.

“After a great leap into the void, there always follows a great fall”

Our work aims to help people set themselves free from their limitations. Empowering them so that they may advance on their own along their way. Everything we offer springs from our own personal experience, what we have lived and endured, learnt and transcended.

We have worked together on this from the beginning of our relationship. Personal sessions as well as the work done in physical spaces are carried out by both of us, each one contributing with their vision, talent, and energy, thereby achieving a better balance between the female and male energies. 


Thoughts and reflections

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Luis Otero’s Blog.
Thoughts and viewpoints, as well as a chronology of events we have organized and varied philanthropic / pro bono endeavours in Mallorca.


The spoken message: My great passion.
Stories, workshops and episodes to accompany the listener and inspire him to set out on his own exploration. 


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