¿How did we
get here?

There was a moment in our lives in which both of us clearly felt the call of the heart inviting us to make a transcendent and deep change.

When the stars and gods agree to conspire in your favor you are only one step away from taking the leap into the void.

So that is what we did, we left everything behind, and devoted ourselves to exploring a new path that had always piqued our curiosity in an inexplicable way . A road that was as mysterious, mystical, spiritual, and esoteric as it was deeply attractive. They were years spent in the pursuit of self-knowledge and personal transformation, initiation and learning, awakening sensibilities, and developing talents that were asleep but latent within us. Little by little came the first requests for work on our part, and also great challenges. When the Universe sends you a challenge it is because it knows you are ready for it and can overcome it. 

In this way we are devoted to our work, accepting the challenges that come our way, and always listening to our hearts. 

Let us
Introduce ourselves

Mary Liedtke

She studied Economics and Controlling in Germany. Her professional expertise is in the field of numbers, accounting, and financial management , and she held jobs as a Controller in several companies. 

Born in Germany, she moved to Majorca in the year 2000, looking to start a new life that would allow her to live nearer to nature and animals. Her passion is riding horses, which she has enjoyed since she was a child. She has two children and is currently married to Luis Otero.

Mary is a soul devoted to her mission as a Light worker, a visionary and personal guide who accompanies others along their path to transformation and growth. Her solid presence, her strength and her integrity in energy allow her to traverse both elevated and deep planes of consciousness and of reality, in order to carry out her spiritual work as a healer. 

Luis Otero

A Spaniard who studied Management of Tourism companies and later Corporate Communication. His expertise has been mostly in Sales and Marketing. His adventurous passion led him to live for several years in the Caribbean and in the United States.

His home has been in Majorca since his childhood, where he developed his passion for exploring Nature and its hidden corners. He is presently married to Mary Liedtke.

Luis is an indefatigable seeker of deep truth, and the sacred path of life, the mystical and the spiritual. Continuously immersed in his own voyage of the hero, he takes every opportunity to share and help guide others along the path of those who seek vision and personal growth. A passionate explorer of nature and its mysteries, he is creative and a good communicator, and his clairvoyant skills allow him to create while in a dream-like state of heightened perception. 

Altruistic Projects

Besides our services we are also involved in altruistic projects, also known as “Services to the Planet”. Once you have awakened and developed your innate capacity to carry out a certain type of energy work, you have the desire to put it into practice.

The more you practice the better you understand your possibilities while at the same time acquiring experience and confidence. These projects are part and parcel of our commitment to this path.

Most projects arrived on their own accord or we channeled them during our meditations. At other times the project simply showed up as a succession of synchronicities or even as a mental flash. The truth is that every time we encountered this type of information, we knew we had to take it seriously as if it was an order from “above”. And the truth is that we at all times had the strong sensation that we were being accompanied from above. 

Each project has its own focus which usually has to do with the harmonization of energies, both of the places themselves as well as the events that occurred in humanity’s past and which need compensation or rebalancing due to the dark and  dramatic charge clinging to and enveloping the site. 

The number of philanthropic projects we have undertaken is more than one hundred. We have documented and publicly shown in videos only a small number of them. We hope they will help you to learn and to get to know our work better.  


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