Magic Routes

Experience the beauty and peace of nature through our conscious tours.

¿Would you like to…

…Discover the possibilities a “healing walk” has to offer,
an excursion in the perfect place to carry out the internal work you so need.
…Learn to take advantage of places possessing special energies,
magic ones, and share the experience with people who are in affinity with your sensibility and concerns. 
…Book a private session in nature
and feel how everything surrounding you is aiding you in your purpose. 

Why Magic Routes?

healing walks in Mallorca

We created Magic Routes in 2015 to share with others of similar sensibility the possibilities that some natural spaces in Majorca offer.

Very quickly we became aware of the fact that we had to tailor the activities in such a way that they would enhance and ease the intimate work of each person, while taking advantage of the strength and energy found in such places. 

Hikes in a state of consciousness
in perfect places for retirement
Meet people of similar sensibilities and share with them 
Learn to see inside what happens outside 
Guided meditations and dynamics specific for the group
Storytelling. Stories that send your imagination flying
Get to know the surroundings, the plants, the land layout, the names, uses and resources

What type of activities
do we organize?

Healing Walks

  • A group outing is an activity associated with a subject which usually involves some inner work.
  • We announce the outings on this page, on Facebook and on Instagram. You can subscribe for notifications. 
  • Any person really interested in the specific theme of the Walk may participate. There is no minimum age.
  • We carefully choose the places we shall visit and we design treks that include pertinent dynamics.
  • Some outings require people to be fit but in general they are accessible to just about anybody. 
  • The duration of the trek will be between 4 to 5 hours, excluding the time needed for travelling to the meeting point. We prefer to offer the Walks at weekends.
  • Dogs welcome on most occasions. 
  • At the start we speak in Spanish but we can do simultaneous translations in English.  
If you want to receive by whatsapp the next events, please contact us and indicate it in the subject leaving us your phone number.


  • An individual session is an exclusively private activity out in nature. 
  • Beforehand we talk to the person in order to know his/her particular needs and concerns
  • After doing that we offer the person various options to choose from. 
  • The session usually includes the same spots as when we go out on group sessions, although we do tailor the itinerary to the individual. 
  • The duration is usually about 2 to 3 hours, without counting the time needed to travel to the initial meeting point. 
  • We can do sessions in Spanish, English, and German. 

We are nature lovers.
It is in our blood.

We have spent the whole of our lives walking all over Majorca, discovering its corners and natural and landscaping treasures.

We have prepared all sorts of routes, feeling out the places where power resides, walking through magical forests, meditating on mysterious rock formations, hugging formidable guardians, and losing ourselves in dream-like places. This has allowed us to figure out the perfect place in which to carry out the activities we offer.

Each place has its own singularity and story.

When we prepare a programme associated to a specific work purpose, we already know where we are going to carry it out. The place itself relates to us ,in its own way, the story to which one may connect while trekking around that place. It is our duty to design the best possible way to take advantage of that story. 

What others say
about these magic routes…

…And these are the experiences
you will live with us

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