Do you identify
with any of these examples?

  1. There’s an area of my life that seems to be stuck or blocked. Like things never flow in a positive way. As if I need to make a full readjustment or perhaps a “reset” of everything related to that matter. Here we could be referring to anything, such as money, emotions, willpower, our ability to love or to communicate, mental clarity, or spirituality.
  2. In my family and for several generations there have occurred disagreeable events that are repeated generation after generation. This is causing pain and suffering and I do not wish my children should have to go through this same experience. Is there any way to solve this? A way to eliminate this repetitive pattern within my lineage?
  3. Ever since I was a child I knew that I was different. Things which I could not understand happened to me, or I was able to perceive things that others could not. I felt unable to tell anybody about it. As the years went by I turned my back on this sensibility and I denied it. Now all of that seems to be coming back and pushing to express itself again. I don’t know what to do.
  4. My life has always been full of conflict, rough times, and pain. The more I try to distance myself and cut ties with my past, the more things happen which do not allow me to fully liberate myself, as if I was trapped in a labyrinth, a karmic punishment.
  5. For some time now I have had the sensation that there is a part of me that thinks and acts independently, and contrary to my true will. This internal conflict is wearing me down, dampening my mood, weakening me, and does not allow me to have a normal and stable life.
  6. I often have dreams in which I am living  in a long distant period of history. Why do I have the sensation that it is a past life from which there is still something pending, something I did not do then and have to complete? How can I know?
  7. My daughter is a sensitive child and I often see she is like abstracted and  living in her own world, separate from everything else. At school she has some issues with relationships and she is finding it difficult to keep up with the class.
  8. I am a therapist and I work intensely with many people that have all sorts of problems. I feel mentally and physically exhausted, but I need to continue doing my work as I feel I cannot turn my back on my patients.  
  9. Some time ago I grieved for someone I loved who passed away. However, I have the sensation or feeling that he/she is still here among us, and sometimes I clearly feel their presence, as if they wanted to tell me something.
Perhaps your situation is not exactly the same but you anyway feel that we are talking about similar things. 

do we proceed?

servicios secundarios

We define the story

First we need to define your story, listen to you and connect with your message and the emotions you breathe, in order to establish exactly what kind of energy is needed, and how we shall intervene.

We carry out the work

The energy work itself requires that the person relaxes fully, and it is possible to carry out this energy work either in person or at a distance. The duration of the session depends on each case but usually takes between 1 and 1’5 hours.

We interpret the information

At the end of each session we exchange impressions, sensations, messages and visions, both on the part of the client and ourselves. Here it is important to carry out an interpretation of what has transpired during the session because the medium is symbols and metaphors, the universal language.

We allow for a period of “settlement”

After each session a period of time is required so that the information “settles”. For this period of time it is crucial to provide a series of guidelines and additional exercises to strengthen the integration of the new within the person.

About Us
How did we get here?

From the very beginning we joined together a thirst for knowledge with a passion and commitment that impelled us to explore this territory. We cannot say that we had a special master or teacher, but it is nevertheless true that there were certain people who appeared at precise moments along our way, who inspired us, strengthened our will, and guided us. One day you just realize that you are now doing what those people long ago inspired you to do. 

Thus the time to surrender, stop playing around and take the leap, had arrived.

After a great leap it takes time for you to learn to use your wings….and fly. It was in 2012 that life gifted us the opportunity we needed to commit to our work. In the initial stages, say of “initiation” we started receiving jobs, challenges and the first results. It is always fascinating to see how what is done “on the other side” has direct consequences on this side. 

More than 10 years have elapsed since then and we continue along this path, with steadfast conviction, and looking forward joyfully to the Universe surprising us with something new. 

This is what they say
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