Spaces and Physical places

Places also need HELP

Is anything like these cases below happening to you?

  1. Every time I arrive at that place I begin to feel unwell. I lack clarity or I cannot think well, I feel dizzy and I am sometimes even nauseous. And as soon as I leave I begin to feel better and recover my well-being.
  2. There’s an area at home where nobody wants to be. A storage room, an empty bedroom, a cellar or an attic. There is often a link to some peculiar story about a deceased person. Sometimes one can hear noises, voices, and steps, especially during the night. When I enter into those spaces I have strange sensations.
  3. There is a lot of tension at work and the atmosphere is charged. We often have arguments amongst co-workers. Production does not flow as it should and besides there is almost always someone on sick leave. On occasions the tensions from the previous day seem to be stuck on the walls, and you can feel it as soon as you enter the room.
  4. Since I visited that place I have very intense visions, dreams and memories, as if they belonged to another person or another life. The place keeps calling out to me and every time I go I experience similar things and I even have the impression that there is somebody who wants to talk to me.
  5. Lately things seem to all break down around the same period of time, I am having technical problems or breakages, etc. In most instances these things happen unexplainably. Can there be someone or something causing this?
  6. At my consultation room I see patients with many emotional problems and a dense personal history loaded with drama. Sometimes I feel this hangs in the air and can be breathed in, and the energy sticks to all the people who are present.
  7. Since we moved into this house I sleep badly, I often have nightmares and health problems. I get easily upset about nothing and I fall apart or have a fit. 

Do we proceed?


Defining the story

The first step is to define the story concerning the place. Most probably your vision is the starting point but there may quite well be other people who can contribute with their testimony, memories, or stories that narrate detailed facts that have been overlooked but that offer substantial information. The “story” will act as our work guideline. 

Obtaining permission

Permission, is an absolute must. In order to carry out this type of work we first need to obtain Permission. This must be procured not only from the client but also from all those involved in that space and also “the All”, whether these be people sharing the space, deceased forebearers, or other types of energies present. Without Permission, we cannot, or better to say we must not do anything to alter the state of that place. 

Carrying out the work

The actual work and the duration of the same may vary greatly and will depend on the type of work, its complexity, and the dimensions of the space

“Settlement” period

After completing the work a necessary period of adjustment must elapse so that the changes can duly solidify and settle.

Following through and checking

When this period of time has passed, we again visit the place to check out its current state. 

About Us

Nature is our source of inspiration and learning. We have always spent uncountable hours walking in nature, feeling the energy of the places and observing how balanced harmony was achieved.

There was a time when Humanity knew how to take advantage of those movements in order to create spaces for its own benefit. At some antique constructions, with a little sensibility, one can still percieve that. 

Our first work in harmonizing spaces came to us through meditations in which we were shown places and events in time where the energy had been negatively altered.

Curiously it was through our work with heavier energies that we were best able to verify results afterwards. You can check out some of the work we have done in our section of Altruistic Projects 


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