Are you in the midst of an existential crisis, looking for a way to give meaning to your life?

  1. Perhaps ……you have spent a long time trying many things, different jobs, places, many moves, up and down, changing all the time, again and again. No matter what you do you do not feel  fulfilled, you never seem to really take off, nor to achieve a stable life. The feeling of dissatisfaction keeps coming back, you feel sadness at your new defeat. You usually attribute your situation to something external, to other people, to bad luck or to an unfortunate coincidence. But deep down you know there is something else behind all this, something mysterious that accompanies you and whispers
  2. Or perhaps……everything in your life seems “perfect”. You have a steady job, you are acknowledged and you do not have any financial problems. You have a lovely family, you live in an ideal house , and you want for nothing. You are healthy, at least physically. You look around and your mind says “I have a perfect life “. Nevertheless inside of you there is an echo of sadness, deep but clear. A sensation of emptiness that you find difficult to clearly define but that you know perfectly well that it is there and continues to be there. Further you feel unsettled at the prospect of continuing to live “that well” during the years to come.
  3. Or maybe…..Life is talking to you and you know it. For some time now special things seem to happen to you, as if they wanted to get your attention so that you  will look in a specific direction. These are like small signs from the Universe. But you are not fully convinced, you need something more tangible, clearer, less enigmatic. You are waiting for a signal, for some help from Heaven. Sometimes it seems like it is there, right there! But you are afraid of making a mistake.

Do you see yourself portrayed
in these words?

Well, that’s cool! No matter how bad you are feeling right now, you are in a much better situation than you think.

Do you know why? Because at least you are aware of the fact that you  are not well. I know this sounds like not very much substance at all, but it is in fact something. Not everybody is able to realize exactly how they are feeling.

Now that you know….
what can you do?

Good question. Personally I think you have two options.

Go back to

Most people prefer not to look, not to listen, or to consume SOMETHING that will help them forget, or continue with their FRENZIED ACTION, in order to avoid having to feel or think about all this.

Most would rather have as normal a life as possible. And I would like you to know that this is but one option. In this we cannot help you . 

Go search for

If this is what you truly desire, we can help you with this. By now you surely know that your heart requires your attention.

What you may perhaps not know is that it wants to take you on a voyage.

It wants you to dive into the deepest parts of yourself to find the answers you yearn for, to achieve greater clarity, vision and direction, and to begin to explore a path along which you have longed to tread.

How can we help you? 
The first steps are crucial

Making a decision to venture out searching for answers may seem like an easy decision. The difficult part comes when you realize that: 

  • you don’t know what you are looking for 
  • You don’t know where or how to start searching
  • You don’t know what more you could do, or 
  • …You don’t know whether what you have already found is part of the answer

It is precisely at the beginning of this journey when most doubts and fears assail you. This is the moment when support and orientation are the most needed, as it is the moment when most people who really desire to advance end up stuck, turning ideas over in their heads again and again, or they end up stuck due to fears and lack of clarity.   

The 4 essential points:
How can we help you?


Order your ideas

Quite possibly your head is full of many ideas, perhaps too many of them, some of which may belong to you while others have been borrowed from other people. But, which ones are the really useful ones for you at this moment? 

Acknowledging your feelings

Where do you think your feelings come from? Are they real or the fruit of your imagination? You have to start by recognizing and being aware of which feelings correspond to your calling and in which direction they are pointing you

Enhancing your perspective

If you have a direction in which to go, you now need a path. But, which is the correct path? We often need to change our perspective in order to make a decision. 

Overcoming the fears that are blocking you

To advance on a journey under the auspices of your heart implies there will be an uncomfortable but strictly necessary part. You are going to be face to face with your fears and certain aspects of your personality and your past that may well block you. There are no shortcuts, and you just have to go through it. They have to be overcome. 

can we help you?

Everything we may share with you comes from our own life experiences. 

We have already been where you are now, we have lived it, felt it, suffered and loved and cried for many years.  But we have also celebrated the process and been grateful for it and shared it with others. We know the value of being able to rely on someone who will be by your side during the hardest and most difficult moments.

By the way, we continue on our voyage. This is not over yet. We have been doing this for many years and many more may still be to come. The voyage goes on and it continues to be as enthralling as ever. We are and will always be seekers. 

We have already talked of Voyages, paths and heroes. Would you like to know more about how to start on this voyage, the voyage of a hero? We invite you to read our Questions and Answers Section. 

Questions and Answers

The term Voyage of the Hero was coined by the American author Joseph Campbell in his book The Hero of the Thousand Faces in which he describes a pattern that has been more or less followed by the main mythical heroes in almost all cultures round the world. This pattern or model represents  the different stages of a symbolic internal and profound search, with the aim of giving real meaning to life, transcending personal limits and achieving the highest possible state of his/her existence. Homer, Buda, Jesus, Moses, are some examples. 

Thus, this is a one-off and unique voyage that can turn us into heroes of our own life. 

Well actually we should not compare ourselves to anybody but we can be inspired by their lives. They were normal people, just like us. When they started on their journey of search they had the same fears and weaknesses that we have. All of us are called upon from the same place, the heart, and for a unique purpose, a personal and untransferable one. And each one of us has to learn to surrender and to advance on this epic journey. 

Let’s say it is aimed at people who are searching, without quite knowing for what or how, and whose feelings are deep, constant in time and in proportional intensity to their desire to submerge themselves in a change of life. This mixture of suffering, longing and desire, of sadness and hope, are the ideal fuel with which to set off on this journey. Therefore this is a programme construed to help you with your initial steps. 

Success and failure are wholly relative words.  But we shall not lie to you: It is a voyage both risky and fascinating. To go along this path you will have to give up some things you love. You do not know what you are going to find, nor what you are going to experience, you don’t even know when or how you will return. That is why you must be the hero…of your own life. Nobody else can do the work for you. 

If you do not attempt to leap into the void, you will never fall….but neither will you know what it means to fly.

No, this is neither a course, nor a list of objectives, nor a business plan. Rather it is a programme that adapts to the moment in which each participant finds him or herself, and offers a personalized tracking and follow-up, as well as exercises, meditations, conversations and activities that aim to provide clarity, perspective, confidence and determination. 

The voyage started when you arrived in this world. The difference is in the fact that you now desire to give the voyage a purpose and you are looking for a direction to go in. It is better not to think in terms of length of the voyage but rather to focus on what you need at each moment in order to be able to take the first steps and advance along your path. 

We work in individual sessions, whether they be in person or at a distance. Each session is around an hour long. The programme includes interviews, meditations and various dynamics. Each person is given a “Path Book” in which whatever happens during sessions is duly annotated throughout the voyage, thus allowing for follow-ups and a wider view of the personal state and progress of the participant. 

You may request a totally free information session. Request one now . 

The programme includes a minimum of 5 sessions to help the person with their first steps. This is a long-term voyage and it depends on each and every individual, on where exactly he/she is now and on each individual’s capacity to advance. It is possible to acquire packs of 5 or 10 sessions at a reduced price. 

It is quite possible that in the future you may need to return to order your ideas or overcome fears. So do not feel in the least defeated. That is part and parcel of the Human Condition and of the voyage and it is necessary that it should be so in order for you to advance. 

We have said that this is an internal voyage, but at the same time it is external too as you will witness how the Universe configures everything in your environment, it shows you paths, it closes doors or it sends you “signals”.  That is precisely why we can also say that it is a magic voyage, as we never actually get to understand the origin of everything that happens in our lives. 

You have been hearing this call for a long time. You wish to get to know yourself, to discover secrets you yearn for deep in your heart, and that is a long voyage, a very long one, we assure you. It is all of a trip, quite a voyage. But one has to start some day, doesn’t one?


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